Short Stories


You’ve reached the short story page.  See below for a list.  Come in, take a look, and hang around for a while!

 “Short stories are tiny windows into other worlds and other minds and other dreams. They are journeys you can make to the far side of the universe and still be back in time for dinner.” — Neil Gaiman

To Paint Great Pictures and Smoke Cigars

“The house is filled with the mark of ages. It is 400 years old. We sit outside, and there’s a soft breeze, and seagulls and voices, and the sound of distant cars and dripping water and church bells. The port is shimmering below, with curly fishing boats, all colors, all sun. The flat Spanish desert has given way to something incredible, a vertical world awash with massive valleys and tiny towns far up, clinging to the rocks, a world where people never get sick and in-laws prefer you over their own children…” more

When A Husband Isn’t Needed Anymore

“Grandmother was a haughty, full-busted woman with red hair and a scowl about her that could scare a scarecrow. She wore blue and purple and slaughtered a pig just as quickly as she drank “una copa” of wine. She wasn’t afraid to chuckle during church. She gave cognac to the turkeys. She smoked a pipe, had an evil eye at poker, and was caught cheating on more than one occasion…” more

Cursed to Wander a Distant Land

“This story is about a quest, the journey into a world of gnarled tree stumps and two suns that don’t light the land beyond shadow. This place is damned by the gods, if the gods have taken enough time to grant it such, and I have journeyed a thousand miles in search of her: I’ve heard of a woman who can help me…” more

The Family Member Who Became Thanksgiving Dinner

“Turkeys are funny looking. As adults, that is – cuz as poults they look a lot like chicks, and they peep like chicks when they’re lonely. Raising a sole turkey made for a lonely turkey, and Grandma carried him about in her bra, between her breasts, keeping him warm and happy. Grandma had Alzheimer’s and often forgot he was there – ‘My GOD! Kimmy! Who put this little bastard in my bra!’ Then she’d grow soft a minute later. ‘Ach, never mind. Leave the poor thing where he is…’” more

Queen of a Thousand Colors

“My land is a distant one, where animals are gods and women wear a thousand colors when they marry…” more

Noah’s Dilemma

“How do you keep a lion, buck, and mosquito happy and healthy when they have to share the same hotel room? Alas, imagine a world of cageless beasts and fowl, all floating in a single raft, and you understand my situation…” more

The Doctor Who Never Showed Up for Work

“It was early morning and he sat at a table of strangers. He was aware, of course, that he himself was the only stranger in the room. The rest knew each other. They had sat at this table together every morning for two years, like now, with the same jokes and the same gestures, a familiar army of gatekeepers running the psychiatric unit. This world belonged to them, and only them…” more

Zombie Medical Association & Network (Z-MAN) Plan to Addresses Zombie Healthcare Challenges

“Health care for domesticated zombies continues to represent a challenge for today’s providers. Unlike their undomesticated cousins, who remain safely locked away in asylums, domesticated zombies are vital to the functioning of the community, and as part of our community, they have the right to specialized medical care. That said, many professionals struggle when it comes to the irregularities and complexities inherent to the care of this special population…” more

Doctors Manipulate Genetic Code to Cure All Diseases: After the Fact

“The last child with mental illness was born in 2068. Since then all of humanity has been nicely fixed with a bit of genetic concordance therapy the obligatory removal of any and all of the 28,452 potential gene mutations linked to psychiatric instability…” more

Alex Natalian, Psychiatrist and AuthorAlex Natalian is a penname for psychiatrist KRR.

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