2002    Short story, “The Family Member Who Became Thanksgiving Dinner,” published in anthology, TAKE TWO, THEY’RE SMALL: WRITINGS ABOUT FOOD, Outrider Press (original title, “Turkey”)

2003    Short story, “Rooma and Teelo,” published in anthology, FAMILY GATHERINGS, Outrider Press.

2003    “Rooma and Teelo” tied for second prize

2003    Featured as guest author at the Chicago Printer’s Row Book Fair

2005    Micro-fiction with pen and ink illustration  , “This was his new Helicopter Helmet Prototype #R5600087, with automatic gears, V8 engine, nuclear calculator and wind-chime included. Sure, it gave him a splitting headache, but damn he looked good.” Jabberwock Review, Department of English Mississippi State University

2005    Short story “Slut Red Dress and Funerals,” from anthology, FALLING IN LOVE AGAIN, Outrider Press (original title, “Thirty-Three Days”)

2009    Short story, “A World of Two Suns,” published in anthology, FEARSOME FASCINATIONS, edited by Whitney Scott, Outrider Press (original title, “Shoel”)

2014    Short story, “Will Climb Mountain for Wine,” published in anthology, THE MOUNTAIN, Outrider Press

Alex Natalian, Psychiatrist and Author

Alex Natalian is a pseudonym for psychiatrist KRR.

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