Micro-fiction with pictures.

Micro-fiction are short stories that are very, very, very short.  They range from a couple sentences to, well, a few words.    Below you’ll find some humored attempts at keeping fiction short by adding pictures.  In most cases, the picture was drawn first.  The story followed.   I’ll admit not always successfully.

Helicopter helmet messing around

This was the new Helicopter Helmet Prototype XVIII. It was a fantastic invention, but it gave him a splitting headache.


drawing - one way person 3


Ego Protector Bubble. Pumps out bad energy. Internal coffee maker. Lots of other stuff, haven’t figured out what any of it is for.


Red jacket 2

It was about then that he realized he’d overdressed for his own wedding? (Still trying to find a better story for this one)


Image practice changing

His metal detector suit was a great success. He’d just turned it on and already he’d earned 47 cents in change.


drawing - flycycle b&w 2

The Flycycle, complete with lunch and pet chicken



Even Medusa had bad-hair days. Something about snakes and pretty designs make for difficult hair-do’s.

He liked to dress in women's clothing

Queen’s Gown: Comes with floating hem. Good for flying.


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