Excerpt from novel, The Curious Tube

Story is about a tube-shaped creature named Bann Tucker.  He is one of four beings assigned the task of caring for his tiny world.  His three mates are enthusiastic and kind.  The job is terribly pleasing.  His life is terribly pleasing.  To top things off, Ban has an invisible friend named “Aeir,” who keeps things even more pleasing.   One day Aeir challenges Bann to leave his friends behind and explore the universe.  In the process, he meets a monster who tries to eat him before offering friendship.  

Bann, that there is a Killer Bubble.

“Its teeth are awfully sharp.”

I suggest you swim as fast as you can.

The creature caught up quickly enough.  It did its best to wrap its teeth around Bann – and eventually swallowed him whole.  Bann had never been swallowed before.  He wasn’t sure he liked the experience.  Luckily the creature’s stomach didn’t find him all that tasty: the Killer Bubble spat him out, a disgusted look on its face.  Bann was tossed back to shore.  The meeps meeped happily to see him again.  They didn’t like the water.

Bann hugged himself with his antennae.  He wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry.  “Aeir, you could have warned me about that Killer Bubble a little sooner.”

No harm done.  You survived, didn’t you?

“That monster is looking at me.  I think it’s upset.”

Yeah, I was going to warn you about that too.

“Seems the monster wants to talk to me.”

Great.  Killer Bubbles are excellent conversationalists.

“You mean when they aren’t busy trying to eat me?”

The Killer Bubble slid up onto the shoreline.  Vicious teeth, large eyes, rounded body, it opened its mouth and spurted a few words: “You taste awful.”

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