This page is devoted to book covers, chickens, pen and ink drawings, colored pencil experiments, doodles, and anything else that can’t find a home

A couple unofficial book covers + chickens for children’s book

1 Charlotte and 2 daddies cover1 Cycle No 1036 - Self-Righting Unicles

1 Chickens1 Chickens 4 1 Chickens 3 1 Chickens 2

Pen and ink stuff

1 Strange People_0 1 Interesting hat-tip_0On the way to Architecture Class_01 Rough - Strange design_01 Rough - bad relationship1 Houston Greeley drawing_01 Clock idea_0   1 Time for magic_5 1 Big-nosed woman with dress

1 Built new castle too Small_11 Rough - NO Juggling with hat on_0

Other stuff

1 Rough - Husband  1 Face - colored pencil Red Suit Motorcycle_0 1 Taking laptop dog for a walk_0 1 Rough - Nice hat, can't move 1 Rough - Professor's floating boat-thing_0 1 Man with boat 1 Magic, Wind, and Bad hair day_1 1 Man with strange guitar_0 1 Magic, Wind, and Bad hair day_0 1 Jellyfish_0 1 Human taxi_0   Nude woman, detail 1 Big headress


Book Covers, Drawings, Doodles, and Other Stuff

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