Excerpt from novel, The Good People

This novel hit me like a whirlwind.  It took three months to finish.  Background information and synopsis will be added soon.  See below for two short excerpts.

Hindsight is an interesting thing. Had I known what awaited us, awaited me… that thirty-seven years later I would emerge a different person… had I known all this, would I still have dropped down into the pit that day? The answer pains me: yes, without a doubt.

Nothing but slim light cut the darkness. Our helmet lamps did little to light up the picture. Our voices echoed against cavern walls. Another world, another life: imagine hanging in blackness, nothing in view except glittering twirls of light as your body twists side to side. Nothing is as it seems. Lines are lost, angles are lost, and the world becomes a blurry mess of gray shaded upon gray.   Below you, there’s an open space you can’t see. There is no finite up or down. There is no certain foothold waiting for you below. There is no “escape.” Nothing holds you in place except rope, and strangers you don’t trust.

More to follow soon

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