Zombie Medical Association & Network (Z-MAN) Plan to Addresses Zombie Healthcare Challenges

Zombie Medical Association & Network (Z-MAN) plan their First International Congress to address medical and psychosocial challenges in the care of domesticated zombies.

Health care for domesticated zombies continues to represent a challenge for today’s providers. Unlike their undomesticated cousins, who remain safely locked away in asylums, domesticated zombies are vital to the functioning of the community, and as part of our community, they have the right to specialized medical care. That said, many professionals struggle when it comes to the irregularities and complexities inherent to the care of this special population. Medical research and education continue to fall short.

The average health care provider is up against many obstacles. Consider the pregnant zombie with a non-functioning uterus and missing pelvis. Consider congestive heart failure in the patient without a heart. Studies of zombie health demonstrate a higher than average prevalence of anemia, gangrenous wounds, and halitosis (bad breath). Dental care is very challenging. Providers also see a phenomenal problem with insomnia, psychopathy, and feelings of exclusion. Lack of aging and dementia also appear to be quite significant.

As a response to this crisis, the Zombie Medical Association & Network (Z-MAN) have arranged a First International Congress in efforts to address the different aspects of zombie health care. The Zombie Psychiatric Association & League (Z-PAL) will be sponsoring the event and plan to provide elaboration about related Zombie psychosocial issues.

Please join us in Paris, France on February 30, 2089, for this grand event.

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