As crazy as it sounds, I’m going to assume I have an occasional bit of fiction worth sharing, even worth publishing online — for anyone willing to take a look.  So thanks for looking.

By profession I’m a psychiatrist, which means I spend a lot of time exploring other people’s worlds, both real and imagined.  As a writer, I live in my own worlds. My novels are typically about distant alien social systems and cultures, where scientific method and magic go hand in hand, and challenges range from the tragic to bizarre to existential. I ask lots of questions and let the answers dictate the story that follows.

As both psychiatrist and writer, I’m fascinated by the medical and psychic aspects of fiction, especially when it comes to helping writers write more believable, informed psychological thrillers.  My plan is to establish a database of psychiatric and medical information on this website.  That should include lots of factual information.  It’ll also cross over into subjective stuff: writing ideas, opinions, reflections, and random blogs that have something to do with the medical/psychiatric world (hopefully).  Yeah, it’s a work in progress.

I appreciate your visiting. Welcome and pleasant reading.


Psychiatric Database for Writers.  This page is a work in progress: ultimate goal is to establish a reference center of psychiatric and medical information for writers.  Upcoming topics include “Understanding the sex offender/predator,” “Everything you need to know about forensic Hospitals,” “Using psychiatric jargon in fiction,” “How to make your antagonist even more difficult,” and… well, lots more.  Please keep checking back.

Benefits of Smoking.   “…The benefits of tobacco for avoiding Parkinson’s seems to be linked to the amount of tobacco a person uses. That is, the more tobacco consumed, the more beneficial it is to the patient.  Of note, ex-smokers seem to have a lower risk of contracting the disease compared to nonsmokers…” more

When your reality is defective: psychosis.  “…Real or not, these memories are real to you.  The medications keep them at a distance, but the thoughts, the feelings, the love you feel for that partner and best friend you never had, none of that goes away.  And you don’t want to forget them. You don’t want to forget who you are, who you imagined you were….” more

Click here for full list of articles.


Novel Excerpts.  Click here for complete list.

Solstice Twilight. “This story is about escape, a journey into the world of magic and witchcraft, and so far I have traveled a thousand miles. I am not alone; the Red Man follows me, always watching, always there, and for all my attempts to talk to him, the man refuses contact. I don’t know why he follows…”

The Scholar Gypsy.  “Sean distanced himself from the bed. He watched, lost but devoted, and backing up farther, he buried himself against the wall, amidst the darkest of shadows. He slid to the ground, his knees bent and pulled up against his chest, his body shivering, his mind crushed like a ghost lost in some ever-going consideration of its misplacement…”

Chirpy the Electron. They say electrons aren’t intelligent, but I’m not so sure: Chirpy knew what I was up to. He ran all he could, buzzing about in curly-cues, switching locations 50 times a second, making for a fuzzy orbital, and making for a very difficult electron to catch. Eventually I snapped out a long arm, doing my best to bop him witless, and – holding the tiny electron in my hand – pricked him with a needle and drew up just enough energy to start my new project…”

Asturias.  “I did not want sex.  I did not want friends.  I was meant to become the first female Catholic priest (dismissing the fact that I was not Christian).  My calling was one of silent reflection.  Then I saw this sweet boy and thought, my God, he’s beautiful…”


Short Stories.  For the complete list, click here.

Paint Great Pictures and Smoke Cigars. “The flat Spanish desert has given way to something incredible, a vertical world awash with massive valleys and tiny towns far up, clinging to the rocks, a world where people never get sick and in-laws prefer you over their own children…”

World of Two Suns. “This story is about a quest, the journey into a world of gnarled tree stumps and two suns that don’t light the land beyond shadow…”

The Family Member Who Became Thanksgiving Dinner. “Grandma carried him about in her bra, between her breasts, keeping him warm and happy. Grandma had Alzheimer’s and often forgot he was there — “My GOD! Kimmy! Who put this little bastard in my bra!” Then she’d grow soft a minute later. “Ach, never mind. Leave the poor thing where he is.”

Noah’s Dilemma. “How do you keep a lion, buck, and mosquito happy and healthy when they have to share the same hotel room? Alas, imagine a world of cage-less beasts and fowl, all floating in a single raft, and you’ll understand my situation…”


There’s much, much more here: flash-fiction, art and doodles, late night philosophies, opinions (some I’m not proud of), grammatical mistakes and misspellings, and maybe a few subliminal messages.   Thanks for visiting.

We write to escape death. To leave behind enough of a story so that a little piece of us might live forever. To record the fact that WE happened at all. 

Alex Natalian, Psychiatrist and Author

Alex Natalian is a pseudonym for psychiatrist KRR.

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